GRP Yacht & Powerboat Maintenance

Revitalising your gel coat

Unsightly staining on the hull of a Hunter Duet.

boat hull staining boat hull refinished

Staining and scuffing are removed by cutting back with P315 and P316 rubbing compound and then wax polishing.

Look at the high quality finish that can be achieved through time and hard work. The final wax polish protects the surface.

Some coloured gel coats tend to deteriorate over time. Red and blue are particularly prone to this.

GRP Boat Repairs Ltd can revitalise faded colours by compounding and re-polishing if the degradation is not too bad. Very bad cases can be re-gelled or even painted, another service that we provide.

Well maintained boats keep their value. Benefits include:-

  • Ongoing maintenance is made easier once our work has been carried out.
  • Appearance of old gel coat can be improved to look like new.
  • Reduced discolouration due to protective wax seal.