Osmosis Treatment

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Depending upon the severity, blistering below the waterline can be treated by local attention, or complete gel peeling as in this case.

grp hull osmosis damage

grp hull osmosis damage repaired

Complete treatment comprises peeling and blasting to open up the blisters, followed by filling and fairing to reinstate the underwater profile and then by the application of multi-coats of a protective epoxy resin.

GRP Boat Repairs provides effective treatment for Osmosis and Delamination

This 60 ft powerboat was suffering from osmosis and partial delamination below the waterline.

Tenting erected to protect workpiece

The underwater sections were peeled twice, blasted, steam cleaned, dried and treated with multiple protective coatings.

The entire boat from the toe rail down was then tented and the moisture levels reduced using dehumidifiers and infra red heaters. A second steam clean was necessary to accelerate the rate of drying.

Partially delaminated area

Partially delaminated areas like this, were distributed over the entire underwater hull. The underwater surface was ground back to sound material and, after allowing time for further drying out, multple stages of treatment were carried out to ensure the problem will not recur.

After applying the required protective coatings, the final stages include sanding the whole area and the application of multiple coats of epoxy, ensuring a finish that matches the original correct profile.

Close-up of damage

Showing the state of the transom before treatment began.

Applying a special ply

Applying a special ply to maintain the previous coating in a workable condition: just one operation in a multi-stage treatment.

Painstaking hand work

All the work is painstakingly done by hand to ensure a perfect finish. As with all repair work carried out by
GRP Boat Repairs attention to detail and strict observance of correct procedures throughout ensure that customers are delighted with the results.

We use the Hot Vac drying system for some jobs.